Jun 012011

Ya gotta love Jamie she knows how to throw a PARTY. To start the night off she had Aliize and Jenna Go-Go Dancing. All night long it was crowded, and Jamie also had a special guest on Saturday. I will let Ben tell you about her because I missed her show (as I was snapping pics all over). After Allize and Jenna were done dancing Patricia, Jennifer & Johanna took the stage and danced for the rest of the night. I would list out names of a lot of the people that were there, but that’d be a looooooong list. I’ll let the pics tell you about the rest of the night, and if you need names be sure to email us or even better leave a comment on their picture(s). Thanks again for reading our blog, and oh yeah look forward to another post or 2 about May’s Rhythm Lounge night. I took a lot of pictures, and here is just a small percentage of them. ENJOY! -Scott

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