Jun 292011

What can be better than seeing a beautiful lady in lingerie? TWO beautiful ladies in lingerie! That’s what we have here with Sarina Valentina and her friend Maya Kasper!

I know you all would like to see these gorgeous creatures get at it (and each other), so I’ll quit my rambling. Enjoy both sets…and join Sarina’s site when you’re finished!

Check out part two here!

Jun 272011

I figured since I have not been to Goddess Night lately I would continue with the some of my favorite pics I have taken over the past few months. Here are some of my FAV’s from March (but not all of March….more to come) I will be attending Goddess tonight possibly depends on how tired I am after starting my new job tomorrow. Well enough of the rambling on and on. Here are the pics for you, and I hope to see you all tomorrow night at Club Goddess 2810 Hyperion Ave in Silver Lake 90027

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Jun 252011

One good thing about having weekends off with my job is the fact I can attend The Oxwood more often. I try to go at least twice a month to see some of the people I know there, as well as the shows given by my friends Carla, Rose, and Aubrey. Well, on this particular night Aubrey wasn’t there (she was on vacation in Hawaii); in her place was the legend herself: Leslie Monroy! You can see all three performances on my YouTube page (which can be acessed by clicking here; for now, check out some of the pictures I’ve taken over the past few weeks there. Since they’re from at least three different weeks, I’ve decided to randomize them Yup!

As you can see, it’s really a mish-mash of pictures. Not singling anyone out…but I do want to give shout outs to everyone in the pictures. Aubrey, Carla, Rose, Dennisse, Leslie Monroy, Stephany, Mika (and Miika), Kimberly, Maya Kasper, Mia, Scott T, Rael, , Brett, Frank, Chris, Scott Z, and John. Most likely I’ll be there tonight to videotape the performances…and take more pictures of course. So stay tuned for more from The Oxwood!

Jun 232011

As you all know, Blue Moon Nights in North Hollywood are no more. This came as a disappointment to many, and a few individuals set out to find a new spot for the girls and their admirers on Thursday nights.

Well…fortunately the search didn’t take too long. Domino Presley and my friend Veronica secured a location right in the heart of Hollywood! The night is called Tranzit at Joseph’s Nightclub & Lounge. Check the flyer below.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend due to work. But all of you should! We need to support clubs like these; they do NOT come a dime a dozen. We lost Peanuts, Cobra, Sexy Bitch, and Blue Moon Nights. Let’s NOT lose this one!