May 232011

As some of you know Patricia and I went to Cincinnati, Ohio this past weekend. We went to celebrate my Mom’s 75th Birthday. Needless to say she was definitely surprised when we got there, and even more surprised at the Bday party we had for her. Since Mom’s Bday wasn’t all weekend and Patty and I wanted to get out to see the town and hit a few clubs. While out I introduced Patricia to a couple of my old friends from Cincinnati, and Jessica Dimon (Who I talked to on Facebook about Patty doing a show) asked her to be in her show on Sunday Night. Patty brought some stuff with her just in case she was able to be in the show, and you will see the pics below. When we got there the show was running a little late (…….tranny-time is not just here in Cali). There was lighting problems (I guess Rael should have gone with us), and then there was DJ problems and not being able to play MP3′s. Well the show started off great, but a lot of the girls were really nervous because it was a pageant of sorts, and they all thought Patty was part of the pageant. To the other girls relief she was not. Patricia’s show was fantastic, and everybody loved it. Below you’ll see pictures I got of the whole show. I hope you like them, and maybe now Patty will start doing shows here in LA…….

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