May 112011

Instead of just one gallery of Mia Isabella, I’m posting two…from two different sites Check them both out, and join the sites after you’re finished!

One thing I’ve noticed about Mia…she puts a lot of effort into her costume choice. She seems to have some of the most interesting dresses, heels, and lingerie around. This first set from her official site is a prime example. I have yet to see heels like that on anyone else. Maybe they’re from her signature collection? And the teddy? Out-fuckin’-standing. Be honest now. What would any of YOU do if you were to walk into your bedroom and see her waiting there for you dressed like this?

Now for another set…in another splended outfit…at a spectacular location. This particular set comes from Tranny Box. It’s possible someone in Las Vegas got quite the view while this particular shoot was going on. And why wouldn’t one look? Mia is dressed in an outfit that many men only dream about. The bustier, the stockings, the heels…all a turn on. Then you see that fabulous body…just check out the pictures to see what I mean!