Apr 302011

I know…I know…it’s taken me awhile to post these. I’ve been BUSY!

I won’t ramble on, especially since Scott already said everything I had planned on saying in the first place. I will thank Jamie for providing us yet another option for having fun on Saturdays. Can’t wait till next month! For now, enjoy the pictures!

Apr 292011

Damn…it’s been awhile since I’ve made one of THESE!

Since I no longer can go to Blue Moon or MJs during the week, I head up to The Oxwood on Saturdays (not all of them, of course). I go there primarily to shoot video of the girls’ performances, but I also snap some pictures here and there. I have some from other recent nights as well; I plan on posting them another time as a group. THIS post is about last Saturday. Liz, Johanna, and Aubrey all performed, while Rose, Patty, Jennifer (with her new darker hair color), and Dennisse were in attendance. I took quite a few pictures this evening; some of the best are below.

Don’t worry about the rabbit ears. Y’all should know why they had them on in the first place!

You can also check out Aubrey’s performance below. Liz and Johanna’s can be found on my YouTube page. Yup!

Apr 282011

I didn’t take that many pics because I was busy catching up with friends I have not seen on a while. I have posted most of them here for you though. It was a pretty great night all the familiar faces showed up, and it was a great time for everybody. Hope you enjoy the pics.

ADDED BY BEN IN LA: Sparky also took some video this evening. Check it out below!

Apr 272011

Sorry to keep everyone waiting, but I just didn’t want to post every single picture in one post. I could have posted part two last Friday, but what’s the fun in that? I had to keep you all on the edge of you seats! So, without further ado, here are part two of the pictures I took during the 2011 Queen USA pageant.

These were taken before, during intermissions, and at the end of the pageant. Scott and Dave also have their fare share of pictures coming as well, so continue to be patient. For now, enjoy mine!

I hope everyone likes them. I tried to pick the best ones. I want everyone in my pictures to look good…like I did this evening!