Mar 242011

I have bad news for many of you. Due to me taking a new job that has me working the nightshift Monday through Friday, I will no longer be able to attend Blue Moon Nights (and all of the other clubs during the week)…which means this will be the last of my posts for this club. As everyone knows, work comes first, and I had to take what was basically given to me on a silver platter. Don’t worry though; Scott and Danny will still be in attendance and will still be shooting pictures and video. That shouldn’t discourage any of you from attending the club. As you can see from the pictures (and video) below, a lot of fun is to be had there. In fact, I highly recommend you all showing up tonight to meet Brittany St. Jordan. Foxxy and Danielle Foxxx are also in town; they might stop by as well. Hell, even Britney Markham and Domino Presley might be there! Check out the flyer…

As many of you already know, last week was the first annual St. Patrick’s Day party. Many of the girls (and the guys) were dressed in their green. Yaslene and Khloe, Aliize, Jazlene, Miranda, Doll, Hazel Tucker, Michelle Austin, Morgan Bailey…these were some of the girls in attendance. Why, even my friends Cherry and Destiny made the trip! A good time was had by all, and even though I won’t be in attendance for awhile, a good time will continue to be had there. See for yourself!

Danny took lots of video. So much in fact, he barely got to edit it down for a clip. Here is the one he posted on YouTube; you’ll get to see the girls in action here.

Finally, here is a sample gallery of Brittany St. Jordan courtesy of Frank’s Tgirl World. I’ll be seeing some of you on Saturdays, of course, so don’t miss me. Just have fun tonight; I know you will!

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