Feb 172011

As you all know, lots of girls flew in from out of town to attend the Tranny Awards. Many of them stayed to do some photoshoots and such for the LA-based companies (these sets will be released on the various sites soon). Two in particular even wound up being featured dancers at Blue Moon Nights last Thursday: Carmen Moore and Sheeba Starr! Needless to say, they rocked the house. I like it when Buddy Wood brings in these special guests. It’s great to have the perfect mix of visitors and the house dancers.

Speaking of the house dancers, good friends Aliize Doll and Dennisse were the other featured girls…also putting on their usual splendid show. I can’t forget Jessica Fox, Mya Jayde, Jamie Page, Candy Love, Johanna and her friend Evie, Kayla Coxxx, Nomi, and even Sapphire showing up to dance the night away. Check out what you may have missed!

Now…Sarina Valentina was supposed to be a last minute dancer this evening. There IS a possibility she’ll be here tonight. Believe me, I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one! See y’all later!

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  1. thats the look


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