Jan 052011

For those of you who were at Blue Moon Nights last week you may have seen or even met the COOLEST MOM on the planet. Not being biased because she is my mom, but seriously how many mom’s do you that would hang out with her son and his Porn Star friends? Every time she comes to LA she stays with my sister Tracy and her family, but I get one night to take her out. So every year I take her to see my friends. Now Blue Moon Nights was not my Moms first BBQ. When I first moved to LA, and she visited for my sisters Bday I introduced her to my good friend Alexxxis. Alexxxis invited Mom to see her “show” at…..yup you guessed it Peanuts aka Club 7969. While there she met Yasmin Lee, Kristen Kyle, Bob, Rael, Kevin, Ben and John amongst other friends and top performers. Then she came back the following year, and immediately called me asking when I was taking her out again to see my friends (not too sure if she was more interested in seeing me or my friends….lol just kidding Mom). So this time I took her to Cobra aka Club Goddess because Peanuts was closed :( Needless to say she had a blast, and met my girlfriend Patricia, and even more of my friends; Buddy Wood Celeste, Renae, Leslie, etc etc etc…. Her second time hanging out with me and my friends she had even more fun, and she even got a little buzzed…ok a lot buzzed….lol. So now that you are up to speed I’m sure that you can clearly see why she is so cool. She is free spirited, open minded, non judgmental, and a lot of fun to hang out with! That list of why she is so cool can go on and on, but I will let you Judge for yourself. just check out the pictures below, and I’m 100% positive that you will agree with me as to why my Mom is the coolest Mom on the planet.

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