Dec 292010

…was pretty damn nice, I must say! LOTS of people, both regulars and new faces, braved the weather and came out to party with the girls. In reality, the weather wasn’t even a factor; it was high and dry all night…albeit a bit cold.

Christmas was definitely in the air; Morgan Bailey was in the spirit with her outfit. So was Laylah, Amiyaa, Jaylah, Destiny, and Claire! Scott had on a Christmas hat, too. Even Buddy Wood had on his Santa suit. His gift was the most obvious one; the gift of another great night out at the T-party.

Before I forget, a special thanks to Nikki Hart for the nice card and the tasty treats.

Check out the pictures. I’m pretty sure Buddy and the gals have something up their sleeves for the last Thursday night of the year. I can’t wait!