Dec 222010

As stated in a previous post, Jamie Jameson really knows how to put on a party. Every one she’s thrown has been a success…and for good reason. The venues she chooses are excellent, and she makes everyone feel comfortable. That’s why whenever she throws a party, I want to be there!

This past Saturday was no exception. Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach was the venue of choice for Jamie’s first (and hopefully not last) Christmas party! Even thought the weather was not in full agreement (it was raining cats and dogs here in the Los Angeles area), the folks still made that trip down Interstate 710 to have a good time…and boy was it a good time. Good friends Patricia, Johanna, Liz, and Claire were the featured dancers; they got the crowd going and didn’t let up. Of course there was good music and lots of dancing; what would a party be like without that?

Obviously, there was LOTS of picture taking. Scott snapped some, good friend Gio took quite a few (as well as some video; you can see it below), and Teddy took some for Tgirl Nights. I took quite a few as well…so many, I’ve decided to split them up into two posts. The first batch can be seen below; before I post the rest, I’d like Scott to put up his share as well. So be patient with us; trust me, it will be worth the wait. Check out the pictures…and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for a great party, Jamie! You’re very much appreciated in the community. I only wish you had something going on for New Years Eve…