Dec 112010
Jade makes her special announcement

Well…I was pretty busy last week. I barely got to put those pictures I took from The Oxwood up, let alone these pictures from last Thrusday at Blue Moon Nights!

To keep things short and sweet, Foxxy and Sexxy Jade were in from out of town. In fact, the whole night was dedicated to Jade, who had a special question and answer session. One of the questions was about a rumor going around that Jade had had her sexual reassignment surgery. Well, she confirmed it; Jade is now post-op! I for one am happy for her. She’ll still be the same, cool gal I met about three years ago. Congratuations!

Enjoy the photos. I should have the pictures from December 9th up within the next few days; I plan on posting them earlier than normal so that Scott can post his. Later!