Dec 022010
Angel and Rose made it out

Honestly, I was surprised with the turnout at the club last Thursday. I figured that everyone would be tired and stuffed from eating all of that turkey, sweet potatoes, and stuffing. But no; quite a few people saw it fit to come out this evening to have some fun at the club. I sure am happy they did!

Dancing this evening was Yazlene, Chloe, Claire, Tyra, and of course the hostest with the mostest Domino Presley. Mingling around the crowd with Buddy Wood was Felicia, Jasmin Jewels (visiting from Chicago), Morgan Bailey (behind the bar mixing up some tasty drinks), Sabrina, my models Johanna and Liz, Patricia, and good friend (and fellow car nut) Jamie. She even brought out the E55 AMG; that thing is BADASS!

Needless to say, a fun time was had by all. The club continues to impress, and I like that. So enjoy these pictures. Be sure to be there tonight; Sexxxy Jade will be in the house (as seen on the flier below), as well as Foxxy and probably Jesse Flores. Now who would want to miss a party with all of these beautiful ladies around? Not me!