Nov 022010
Scott and the twins

Here are some more samples from last night. I’m telling you…we had LOTS of fun!

I am looking forward to Jamie’s next event. It’ll be in December; when the final date is known, you’ll all know. So stay tuned!

  2 Responses to “Pictures from Saturday night at Hamburger Mary’s…part two”

  1. We were greeted by Hostess Jamie Jameson, dressed as a 60′s hipster babe, at a T Girl Saturday red carpet backdrop where we stopped to pose for the Halloween paparazzi Satan Scott, Dr Feelgood Ben and Al!

    T Girl Nights, at Hamburger Mary’s was great! Jamie Jameson is such a great host and the party was packed with people dressed in elaborate costumes and hilarious personas!

    Thanks for all the wonderful photos, Scott & Ben!

  2. You more than welcome!

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