Oct 052010

I was going to describe what happened on these two nights…but something else is on my mind right now and I can’t think of what to say. I did have fun of course; you can tell by the pictures. But what’s on my mind as I type this cancels out those feelings I had while taking these pictures. Enjoy the pictures; I won’t ramble on anymore. So everyone knows, the first twelve are from September 23rd; the last twelve are from September 30th.
Hopefully I’ll be seeing some of y’all this coming Thursday…that is if I go out. I REALLY don’t feel good right now…sorry…

  3 Responses to “Fun times at Blue Moon Nights”

  1. Great photos Ben. Please keep them comming

  2. Great pics, as usual, Ben… Sorry you’re not feeling good. Hope you feel better soon. We all need you back out at the clubs as soon as possible, so you can take more pictures of me! Kidding, kidding… Seriously, though, I hope you feel better.

  3. I’ll be fine. Just gotta talk out my problem, that’s all. There’s a 80% chance I’ll be there on Thursday; gotta do SOMETHING to get my mind off of work!

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