Jun 202010

Okay I’ll admit I wasn’t going to go to the Oxwood on this particular night. Good friends Wayne and Irv was having their monthly shindig at C.Frenz in Reseda at the same time, and I promised them I’d stop by. True to my word, I did…but I also told Scott that I’d stop by The Oxwood as well. This evening was a special Grad Night; the patrons were encouraged to come in university gear or cap-and-gowns. Many indeed did that. Patricia and Aubrey were also go-go dancing; Aubrey and Johanna also did a show (that I missed because I was in Reseda). Oh, well; I still had a great time on this particular Saturday…for now, enjoy the pictures from the night!

Everyone have a good week! Remember summer begins tomorrow; it’s only going to get hotter!

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