Dec 072014

I know, I know…I’m taking quite awhile to upload the pictures. I’ve just been busy at work and such to really get to it. To hold everyone off for a bit, here are a few samples. More will be posted soon…seriously!

Dec 062014


December is here, and the last Tgirl Saturday of 2014 is upon us. To end this year’s Saturday parties with a bang, Jamie has decided to bring back three popular girls to go-go dance for everyone:


Below is video from their last collective appearance back in September…and also video from the October party (where some of the folks from behind-the-scenes – including yours truly – are introduced).

More pictures and such can be found at Tgirl Nights. I hope to see everyone there!

Oct 042014

The temps are high right now here in the Los Angeles area. Why not head down to Long Beach later on to cool off? It’s the first Saturday if the month, which means it’s time for Jamie’s TGirl Saturday at Hamburger Mary’s!


There’s never a dull moment at the club. Folks from all walks of life join together to drink, dance, and have fun. We all have a great time!

We’ll have three great dancers this evening: Kimera, Joanna, and Carla. We’ll also have great music, plus a raffle with cash prizes.


I hope to see many of you there this evening!

Sep 272014

The final batch. These are pics that I snapped during the intermissions, as well as during other “down times”.