Jul 012012

My blog’s database is acting up on me, and I have no idea of how to fix it. So…I’ve decided to start a NEW blog and archive this one.

You can find the new blog here…it’s live right now. You can also continue to check out my Facebook and Flickr pages as well.

Jun 282012

A couple of weeks ago, I was down in Long Beach again to see a friend of mine perform in her drag show. It was a special occasion; it was her birthday! Of course I had my camera in hand; here are a couple choice shots from that evening. I already posted that one of Aneal Pleasures; here are some of the other performers.

I was having a bit of trouble with my equipment near the end of the night…meaning, I didn’t bring extra batteries for my camera! As a result, the later pictures (which I probably won’t post here) didn’t come out as well…even while trying to compensate for the provided lighting. I try to adjust my flash as much as possible while the performers are doing their thing; I’m trying to capture them in more dramatic lighting. I like to think I succeeded in that.

Practice, practice, practice!

Jun 262012

I happened to be driving by this historic landmark on the way home from running errands Sunday. Since I had my camera with me, I decided to snap a few pics. Unfortunately, the sun was right behind the edifice, so I didn’t take too many great ones. I do like these two particular ones though…

One of these days…or should I say nights…I’m going to try and get some pics of the sign lit up.